Self-Reliance Real Estate

We are pleased to refer you to a selection of titled real estate properties.  Each features excellent potential for self-reliant living, whether as a dedicated survival retreat or as your primary full time residence.


1/3 acre building lots at Elkington Forest, Cowichan Valley BC  $250,000+   Elkington Forest represents the new paradigm in nature conservation and self-sufficient community design. Combines over 800 acres of protected forest, eco-forestry operations, 77 hamlet-style building sites, and approximately 75 acres of food producing land. Timber-frame cabin and full-size home construction available.  More Information


No properties listed at this time


1.24-12 acre parcels, NatureWalk eco-resort, Costa Rica  $60,000US+  Quite possibly the greenest real estate development in the premier eco-tourism destination of Costa Rica.  All lots to be planted and managed with biofuel trees, coffee, food crops, tilapia ponds, botanical gardens and more.  Building plans containing local Teak hardwood and stone ensure true sustainability.  Nearby market gardens provide food security.  Joint venture investment options also available.  More information


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