Recommended Websites, Training, Videos, Files

Off the Grid  Survival community, survival forums, disaster preparedness, living off the land, survival skills Surthrival Series  Online course with Mike Adams the Health Ranger and Daniel Vitalis of Surthrival  Rewild Yourself; Nutriceutical super-foods (affiliated)

Eden Biodome Revolution  DIY instructions for geodesic greenhouse domes by Kacper Postawski  Blog offering practical information, useful advice, and current affairs

Survivalist  Survive without fear; in-print magazine for the “professional survivalist” (affiliated)

Urban Survival Guide  Home of the 40 Days & 40 nights and Survive In Place online courses (affiliated)

Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School  30 years of tracking, awareness, and survival education

The Kootenay Self-reliance Store  Walk-in store in Nelson BC, ship to anywhere in Canada

The Survival Mom   Survival is a Mom’s job 

The Apartment Prepper’s Blog  Preparedness info for the apartment dweller

Seeds Now  Quality seeds and All-in-1 kits for food self-reliance

 Clusterfuck Nation  Commentary on the flux of events, with James Kunstler

Preparedness Radio  Your preperation station on BlogTalk Radio



How to Make a Rain Barrel  2:40

Mobile Biodiesel Refinery  2:05

How to Build a Basic Aquaponic System  3:43

FAST Defense Conflict Resolution  5:43

How to Shoot a Compound Bow  3:13

How to Shoot Your Rifle to its Max Capability  3:08

How to Shoot a Handgun Faster and More Accurately  2:32

How to Build a Snow Shelter  3:41


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