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Kacper Postawski has made food self-reliance his mission, and he’s sharing what he knows with anyone ready to learn.  In 15 minutes, I’m logging into his Eden Biodome Revolution webinar, which introduces the parameters and risks of the impending “food collapse” scenario.  Its also a how-to-build session that introduces his geodesic greenhouse design (with credit going back to Buckminster Fuller, I’d imagine).  It promises to cover:

-The single most important thing you need to do right now to prepare to survive and thrive (most ‘readiness coaches’ seem to include this one)

-How to create your own Biodome, which grows an abundance of super-charged food year around, even in mid-winter, with less work and maintenance than a normal garden

– 1 Secret that could save my life during the coming economic and food supply collapse.

I’ll be taking notes right here, lets’ get started…

-Don’t just survive, thrive.  Everyone is saying this, what exactly does it mean? It means embracing with gusto an organic, holistic, and empowering attitude to living and self-reliance.  Making it fun, not just a hollow-eyed struggle.

Who is Kacper? Family man, working from home, who writes on the topics of peak health, sustainability, and food production. 

-Why prepare?  How serious is the ‘food collapse’ scenario?  There is a serious economic downward spiral underway; we cannot eat gold and silver; our supermarket model is exceedingly rare planet-wide, it can’t be taken for granted any longer;

– Three major drivers: 1) Food prices and inflation  2) Peak Soil; global issue, destroyed by agri-chemicals  3) Food shortages

– During the 1930s, 46% of the American population was growing food, and 17,000 died of hunger.  Now, just 1% of the populations is involved in agriculture.  Almost all food is exported from Asia and Latin America.  The supply line is very long, and very thin.

– Could never happen in America? In the first 24 hours after Katrina, there was virtually no food in New Orleans.  It takes one hour for a city’s supermarket shelves to empty during a disaster situation.

– Along with Peak Soil due to chemical pollution, pollinators (bees) are dying as a result as well.  More and more driving factors (Fukishima fall-out, aluminum/barrium from chemtrails etc). Yikes…

– If you’re seeing this info for the first time, panic and/or denial are perfectly natural responses.  Once you’re past that, getting prepared and taking action is an exciting opportunity, hugely liberating return to reality, out of McWorld.

-Three things you need to do NOW: 1) Buy and store seeds (because when Uncle Sam says start gardening, the masses will create a supply problem. Already beginning to happen with seed suppliers running out of stock. Avoid big-brand GMO seeds. Kacper lists recommended sources for organic seeds. actually got flagged by Monsanto, can’t ship to US!  GET BIODYNAMIC SEEDS if possible, 10-20x more growing power…wow)  2) Acquire land or space to grow on; rent, share, whatever you need to do, ownership not necessary, and/or build a biodome or aquaponic system.

– Dome’s shape has numerous benefits; extremely physically strong, resists natural events; heat transfer is very efficient, due to the way air flows inside the walls, resulting in tropical atmosphere year around.

-Mentions special material (not poly plastic, not glass, not acrylic), which he discovered through farmers in Manitoba, strong enough to stand up to hail, and which refracts light, causing plants to grow very well and stand straight.

– Passive water heating; water which is heated during the day, releasing thermal energy at night and keeps the ambient temperature inside dome warmer. Example, 250 gallons of water, heated 10 degrees, will release 20,000 BTUs of energy at night.

– Aquaponics; grow an abundance even if you don’t have a single square meter of ground to grow on. Grow up to 5x the amount of food in the same amount of space in a garden.  Never has to be watered, is portable, food grows twice as fast, and more!

– Aquaponics combines fish, fish waste, bacteria, nutrients and plants.  Just feed your fish.  And use the nutrient-rich water from aquaponic system to restore and enhance soil in your garden or biodome!

– Biodome (good) + Aquaponics (good) = AWESOME

– More things you can do to start restoring soil right now: 1) Get your soil tested  2) plant mycorrhizal fungi (which will transfer minerals and nutrients in deep soil to the topsoil, while converting them into useable forms. Provides link to online fungi wholesaler  3) Get EMs (Effective Micronutrients), which comes by the bottle, mix with water and store in a dark place for three days. Links provided.  4) Plant a cover crop, like beans, let it grow and then cut it down and plough it in, provides soil structure, nutrients etc.

– Kacper saves the best for last: BIODYNAMICS.  Invented about 100 years ago by Rudolph Steiner through a combination of science and mysticism.  Essentially organic farming on hyper-drive.  Europe was in a food crises situation after World War I, and Steiner, a solutions guy, applied his genius to the challenge of food production and farming.  From the micro-organisms to the moon and stars, the science of super-holistic systems-based natural design.

– Documentary: One Man, One Cow, One Planet.  Story from India of people taking back land destroyed by Monsanto and restoring it with Bio-dynamics.

– Kacper is incredibly animated, warm and personable…and knowledgeable! 

– His e-books, Eden Biodome Revolution and Biodynamic Farming Secrets, normally sell online for $49 and $39 respectively.

-Normally entire package is $326, but attendees on the webinar can purchase it all right now for just $67.  Where’s my credit card?!  Some may find the excessively drawn out “special extras” aspect of the sales process a turn-off (its a standard up-selling play in the online marketing/sales biz).

– Checkout.  Lets do this.  Let 2012 be the year of the Biodynamic Biodome at our house.

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