About Us

“Survival preparedness is not about stockpiling a bunch of food that you’ll never eat, or learning skills that you’ll never use. It’s about integrating knowledge and practices into your existing life-style that will ultimately improve your quality of life, no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen).” Ed Corcoran, Editor, Survivalist Magazine

Winter family_webWe’re a young family of four, living in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada.  We chose to move to the community of Nelson to a) be in a great environment to raise children, b) be surrounded by positive-minded people, and c) take advantage of the safety afforded by the abundant natural setting.

Numerous rural food producers operate in this area.  A general awareness exists of nature’s security, the importance of community, and the world’s increasing instability.  We are blessed to be able to call a place like this home, and know that most are not so lucky.

We are becoming more concerned about the security of our world all the time, but, importantly we are also excited by the opportunity to reclaim our responsibility for our health, safety and positive growth.  Nowhere today is this opportunity more compelling than in the quest to become Holistic Survivalists.

What is a Holistic Survivalist?  Its someone that feels emergency readiness is important, but approaches it from a position of strength through peace, not hostility.  In essence, it balances masculine and feminine energies, trancending the testosterone-fueled stereotype of survivalism, embracing life-force, not aggression.

For example, there is no need for a stockpile of guns, other than basic hunting tools.  Having several weapons for self-defence is wise, but can be non-lethal.  The emphasis for dealing with hostility should be on conflict resolution, escape, or temporarily disabling would-be attackers.  As David Morris of The Urban Survival Guide points out, killing or seriously injuring someone in the name of survivalism is likely to get you at least a night in jail and a lawsuit when the dust settles.

There is no need for packages and packages of tasteless, freeze-dried MRE (meals-ready-to-eat), when small but powerful doses of organic superfoods, such as pine pollen or mushrooms, along with purified water, will provide greater quantities and qualities of physical and mental energy.

There is no need to be motivated by fear/violence to gain strength and shelter your family, when community, love and health are much greater forces to be reckoned with.

To Your Well-being,

Randolph Seibold & Clancy Moonbeam Fitzgerald


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