December 2012…

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

ConfrontationIts time to get more serious about this.  The only thing worse than being ignorant and unprepared is knowing about imminent danger and still failing to prepare for it.

Its mid-December and the decay and fragility of “the system” before the onslaught of potential catastrophic disruption is palpable.  Even without a galactic alignment/alien invasion/solar super-cycle, the threats are substantial enough.

The global economic situation continues to list like a wounded three-master on a stormy sea.  Tensions on the Middle East chess-board, between the US, China and Russia, persist.  The summer of 2012 saw a massive drought crippled more than 60% of US corn production.  In October a freakish super-storm dealt a hell of a blow in New York/New Jersey, that should serve to make everyone wake up and realize; the threat is real and multi-faceted, and the government is not equipped, nor necessarily even willing, to look after you.

Its time to make this a critical part of our life skills education, a major training, tools and supplies investment, and a lively subject of family discussion during the Christmas holiday season.  I for one am ready to begin by ordering the exceptional quality course materials from David Morris (Urban Survival Guide) and Mike Adams and Daniel Vitalis (Natural News/Surthrival).


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