The prime directive

Posted: January 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Like children in the forest...

Why am I writing a blog about survival, survivalism, emergency preparedness, self-reliance etc?  Aren’t there enough out there? No, there aren’t. And there certainly aren’t enough with a holistic, nature-based, positive perspective, for sure.  Also, my primary motivation is to learn and apply readiness skills and knowledge for the benefit of my own family, and in the process, share this information with others.

There is a business opportunity in it, as well.  A product or service that is of great value to a society at a particular time in its history should be embraced and distributed by any entrepreneur attracted to the adoption and practices of those values. 

Making a difference.  As the ‘perfect storm’ of social, environmental and economic paradigm shift develops, many of our cherished causes and issues will find themselves adrift as the urgent and suddenly pervasive aspects of life, building resilient communities and survival smarts take precedence.  Survivalism, or Personal Preparedness, or Readiness, whatever you wish to call it, is poised to become the biggest human rights cause for generations.  We’re all impacted by the realities at play now.  Our children deserve we act in responsible, practical ways to prepare not only our homes and persons, but our consciousness as well.  To resist everything from hurricanes to police state repression, and embrace everything from cellular super-food health-care to martial arts and meditation.  It is truly a time for warriors, now.


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